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    Herbal Research Chem Store is one of those few online companies, who supply highly pure research chemicals for individual and corporate laboratory research and analysis. We offer our customers both most demanded as well as rare research chemicals of at least 98% purity. Every new batch of product passes laboratory tests and arrives to us complete with certification of analysis, this way we always know that we supply our customers with exceptionally pure chemicals.

   Through our efforts, we supply the highest quality and purity chemicals with most competitive price. Consistent quality, rich experience in exporting, low risk, prompt service and short lead time, all these advantages are winning more and more customers and high market share for us.

We are not the average buy-and-sell business. Our prices are affordable and equal to average prices of research chemicals market. Being dedicated to customers comfort and satisfaction, we always try to meet and exceed customers expectations, offer wide variety of payment and shipping options. We are almost if not the only vendor who ensures packages shipped world wide.

   Should any unexpected circumstances occur, our Customer Service team will always support you and find the most suitable solution for any situation. We listen to our customers and take into consideration every feedback and review. This helps us also to develop market, bring new products, offer more and more novelties to our customers.

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